School Uniform

School Uniform: 

We think that wearing a school uniform helps children to ‘belong’, it fosters a sense of school community and identity. It also creates an environment where everyone is ready to work. However, we understand the financial burden that school uniforms may place on families. Therefore, we would like to ensure our school uniforms are affordable and can be purchased from a wide range of shops and supermarkets. 

School uniform from Reception to Year 6: 

● non-branded pale blue polo shirt 

● non-branded navy-blue sweatshirt or cardigan 

● non-branded black or grey trousers, joggers, shorts, skirts or pinafores 

● sensible dark, flat shoes. High heeled boots or shoes and strappy sandals are not permitted as they are not suitable for school. 

In accordance with County Council guidelines, apart from a simple wristwatch and stud or safety sleeper earrings, jewellery should not be worn in school. Makeup and nail polish are not permitted at school.  Please see further details below. 

● simple wrist watches to assist with telling the time (expensive Smartwatches are not suitable for school) 

● simple, small ear studs (larger ear studs with elaborate designs or dangly earrings are not suitable for school) 

● other forms of jewellery such as rings, necklaces and bracelets are not permitted in school 

For PE lessons, children should wear: 

● non-branded black/navy blue shorts or joggers 

● non-branded plain white T-shirt 

● non-branded plain black/navy blue sports jumper (for colder weather) 

● trainers / shoes appropriate for PE 

In addition, the school does have a small selection of second hand uniforms should any parents be interested in purchasing. Please contact the school office to arrange. The Friends of Bewick Bridge group also holds second hand uniform sales throughout the academic years