Willows (Reception)

Welcome to Willows Class!

Class teacher: Miss Plater


TAs: Mrs Sapsford & Mr Ruby

We are story tellers

This half term our topic is 'We are story tellers' and we will be learning all about traditional stories, and modern remakes. We will learn about how stories are sequenced, the characters, settings and how to tell a good story.

Our topics are a loose theme that allows us to be flexible in our activities and provision so we can adapt to the children's needs and interests.

Little Red Riding Hood

Our Talk for Writing text this half term will be 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We will use this book in our talk from writing sessions where we will learn to retell and act our the story as well as making up our own adapted versions!

We will also be creating a 'Little Red Riding Hood' role play area where the children can continue exploring the story between our sessions.

White Rose Maths

Key Instant Recall Facts

Please spend some time at home practicing these with your child. These are facts we would like your children to know confidently by the end of the half term to support the rest of their maths learning.

Bewick Bridge KIRFS reception Summer 1.pdf
Spring 2 EYFS.pdf
Spring 1 EYFS KIRFs (1).pdf
Autumn 2 EYFS Kirfs.pdf

Home Learning

We believe that parents and schools should work in partnership to provide children with the best possible chance to achieve their potential. We will be posting 'wow' moments on Tapestry to share some of their learning with you and we would encourage you to share their learning from home, on Tapestry, too.

Please try to...


Please could you ensure your child brings in a water bottle to school everyday so that they stay hydrated.

PE kits should be brought into school on a Monday and go home on a Friday so we can be flexible with our PE sessions.

Bring in waterproofs and wellies to school so that we can use the forest area and wild garden area frequently. These can be left at school throughout the term.

Weekly email to parents

Dear Families,

This week the children have been finishing writing the Three Little Rats story. They have all worked really hard to use their sounds and form the letters correctly. It can be quite tricky for children to remember each step needed to write a sentence correctly. At home, practice getting children to 'hold a sentence'. This means you say a sentence to them and they have to repeat it back. If they can retain this in their minds, they can then focus on the next steps - Fred talk each word and then forming the letters to make each word. Children should practice holding a sentence a few time before trying to write it down.

In maths, we have been consolidating our learning from this half term. We have been focusing on counting with 1:1 correspondence and understanding what each number really means. Encourage your child to count when ever you are doing an activity - playing with lego, cooking, going for a walk. It is important they recognise that counting links to how many of something there is. Ask your children to give you a set number of something, for example, 'Can you pass me three lego bricks?' Sometimes children forget to count when they are passing something over as apposed to counting objects already set out. At home, you can also practice writing the numbers and getting your child to recognise each number up to 8.

In Forest school this week, we did some observational drawings. We sat down in the forest and discussed what we could see, hear and feel. We talked about what observational drawings were and how they needed to be what we could actually see and not what we wanted to see. We were really impressed with the care and focus the children had when drawing some of the things they could see and they could mostly tell me what they had been drawing. At home encourage your child to do some drawings, paintings or junk modelling. It is important that they can talk about what they have created and about the tools and materials they have used.

In class this week, some of the children have been making and writing Valentines cards. They have been cutting out hearts and sticking them onto card. They have then been writing who they are to and their names. This has been great for their fine motor skills and also practicing to write their names.

If you haven't done so already, please remember to sign up to a parents evening slot in the same way that you did last term.

Have a lovely half term.

Best wishes,

Miss Plater