At Bewick Bridge, all children will have the opportunity to learn about the world around them so as to become scientifically literate citizens. All children will have the opportunity to observe, question, investigate and interpret the world around them using a variety of approaches and experiences. Through their learning, children will be able to build their knowledge, skills and understanding, equipping them with the diverse cultural capital required to be successful citizens in the modern world.

Five principles for science teaching and learning

Science curriculum at Bewick Bridge CP School:

Alongside foundation subjects, science is taught through our Specialist Pathway curriculum from Year 1 to Year 6.   This approach provides clear progression in learning and enhances curriculum cohesiveness. The whole school overview ensures that there is progression throughout the school and that children are building upon knowledge learnt in previous years. The units are designed so that pupils develop knowledge, skills and understanding of the world they live in.  The science curriculum is designed to provide our children with science capital which refers to all the science-related resources, experiences and ideas that a child might have. We recognise that within classes, there is a wide variety of abilities and teachers provide suitable learning opportunities that are matched to the needs of all children. Teaching will be supplemented with trips, visits, assemblies as well as a yearly STEAM week which will link the importance of science applied to other disciplines. In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), science is linked to the Early Learning Goals. Children in the Early Years explore science learning through whole class teaching and continuous provision.  Science is assessed using end of unit assessment tasks based on the units taught, in addition to teacher assessment and exemplification material. Children’s attainment is recorded and analysed termly in order to track progression and provide intervention where appropriate. Teachers make use of curriculum journeys in order to help children track their own learning progress where children are encouraged to record their experiences and feelings - which they are also encouraged to discuss with their peers. Please have a look at the key documents below to find out more about how we teach and assess the learning of science at our school.

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