Online Payment System

Parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of certain activities, for example, visits to museums, the pantomime, or visiting theatre groups at school.  These contributions are voluntary and the level of a parent’s contribution will not affect whether or not their child takes part in an activity. The contributions represent the total cost of the visit, divided by the number of pupils taking part.  

Parents are never asked to contribute additional amounts to compensate for those who do not make a contribution.  However, in the exceptional circumstances of insufficient contributions being made, the school reserves the right to cancel the proposed visit and refund any contributions already received.  

Parents are encouraged to make payments via the schools Natwest bank account. Further information about this is available from the school office.

In the case of residential visits, the board and lodging element of the total cost of the visit is a compulsory payment.  Other chargeable activities include music tuition for individuals and groups of up to four pupils and activities which take place completely, or predominantly out of school hours.  There will be no remission of any of the charges described in this paragraph. However, in cases of extreme hardship, the school will invite parents to apply in confidence to the headteacher for remission in full or in part.  The headteacher will consider individual cases on their merits.  

A full copy of the school’s charging policy is available in our policies section of the website.