Forest School


At Bewick Bridge taking an interest in building Emotional Intelligence is crucial to the Forest School approach and means that all sessions will allow time for social interaction, including opportunities for teamwork, individual and group reviews, and informal Play and socialising. Another core theme is increasing Environmental Awareness and knowledge, with obvious links to Sustainability and Global Citizenship. During the programme, participants will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own safety and that of their peers. Forest School allows participants the time and space to develop skills, interests, and understanding through practical hands-on experiences. At the same time, it allows practitioners to step back and observe in order to encourage and inspire individuals to achieve through careful scaffolding and facilitating. 

Forest school overview

Forest School Overview 23_24.pdf

Progression documents

Forest School Knowledge Progression.pdf
Forest School Vocabulary Progression.pdf
Forest School Skills Progression.pdf

Here are some photos from our forest school sessions: