Vision and Values


Bewick Bridge Community Primary School is a nurturing and ambitious school with a strong commitment to pursue academic, physical, social and emotional excellence at every stage of our development journey.

Every day at Bewick Bridge, the staff and governors are working to make sure our pupils will:

  • Understand that learning is a journey and mastery takes time

  • Develop the love for life-long learning and embrace challenges as opportunities to grow

  • Know what it feels like to have achieved their very best and set high aspirations for themselves

  • Have self-confidence and resilience to follow their dreams

  • Grow healthy and strong, and understand how to look after body and mind

  • Build meaningful friendships and learn how to get along well with other people

  • Feel part of our culturally diverse community, proud of our incredible school and inspired to make a difference


We live these values daily in order to reach our vision and aims.

B - Belief

We believe in ourselves and our potential.

E - Endurance

We work hard and understand learning takes time.

W - Willingness

We are willing to try new things and step out of our comfort zone.

I - Inspiration

We take inspiration from those around us and inspire each other to succeed.

C - Co-operation

We work well together, share ideas and respect our differences.

K - Kindness

We are kind and helpful to everyone.

We have translated our Bewick Bridge Vision and Values into Dutch, French, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. We are hoping to include more languages in the near future. Please see the list below.

Spanish translation - Bewick Bridge Vision and Values.docx
Russian translation - Bewick Bridge Vision and Values.docx
French translation - Bewick Bridge Vision et valeurs.docx
Hungarian translation - Bewick Bridge Vision and Values.docx
Dutch translation - Bewick Bridge Vision and Values.docx
Polish translation - Bewick Bridge Vision and Value.docx
Portuguese translation - Bewick Bridge Visão e valores.docx