Welcome to Year 3

What will be learning in class!


We have started working on statistics.

The class have re-visited Pictograms and will be continuing with different data representations before moving onto Length and Perimeter.

Please make sure your child completes their weekly diagnostic maths questions - only 1/2 of the class are currently doing this :-)


If you would like any information on the type of maths processes we use at Bewick Bridge please ensure that you look at the school calculation policy.

Bewick Bridge Calculation policy


Our next unit will be writing a Newspaper report.

***You can help by getting your child to read appropriate newspaper articles to get used the style and features of journalistic writing.***

Encourage your child to act as a roving reporter! Get them asking questions and recording the responses as speech bubbles.

Our Spring term topic is

Amazing Americas


We will be continuing our learning by looking at the formation of mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes.

This all link in nicely to our topic; The Andes are the longest mountain range in the world, and there a 174 volcanoes in South America!


In art will be making our own Inca masks and looking at textiles from Peru.


In history the class will be learning about the Inca Empire.


We will be learning about plants and animals including humans.

Home Learning!

REMEMBER children will be set a new piece of homework on Tuesday each week - yellow home learning books will need to be in on the following Monday for marking.


Children will now be bringing home a banded book to read and a book of choice from the library. It is essential that your child reads the banded book at home.

Both of these reading books must be in your child's bag each day for school.

Please encourage your child to read at home; it may be a book, a newspaper, a magazine. It really doesn't matter as long as it is appropriate!

Please take a look at the Year 3 suggested book reading list for inspiration and encourage your child to read for at least 10 minutes everyday.

Please see below for the list of books.


Diagnostic Questions are set every Friday


Please try to encourage your child to complete the Diagnostic Questions each week. The questions are set on a variety of different maths areas and children are not expected to know the answers to all questions!



WEEK 1: Year 3/4 word list

build, busy, extreme, February, forward, forwards, group, heard, heart, history, important, increase

WEEK 2: auto and super

autopilot, autograph, automatic, autobiography, autonomy, autofocus, superman, superior, supermarket, superstar, superficial, supernatural

WEEK 3: Year 3/4 word list

interest, island, learn, perhaps, popular, quarter, question, reign, remember, straight, strange, promise

WEEK 4: Homophones

meat, meet, hear, here, there, their, wear, where, hour, our, knot, not

WEEK 5: Homophones

would, wood, your, you’re, some, sum, way, weigh, to, too, pair, pear

WEEK 6: ch pronounced k

ache, anchor, echo, school, Christmas, choir, stomach, orchid, scheme, chorus, chemist, chaos

Spelling tests are carried out on a Monday

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch; either by person at the end of the day or by email mwalsh@bewickbridge.co.uk

Other Stuff!!

PE kits

PE kits will be sent home for a 'wash' on the last day of the half term - Please ensure that these are sent back into school on the first day of the new half term!!

PE will continue to take place twice a week; on a Wednesday morning we will be swimming. Please ensure that your child has a swimming costume and a towel.

Friday after lunch will continue to be outdoors for Swifts Class. However, this can change so please have PE kits in every day! As the weather starts to become a little cooler we will be making use of our dance studio but still venturing outside!

Our Spring term 2 units will be swimming and hitting and fielding.

Water bottles

Please ensure your child has a water bottle every day. We have drinking water in class for refilling.


If you are sending in your child with a snack, please make sure it is a either a fresh or dried fruit or vegetable option.

Homework 24th February

Year 3 Reading List:

The Street Beneath My Feet - Charlotte Guillain

The Abominables - Eva Ibbotson

Egypt Magnified - David Long and Harry Bloom

Meet the Ancient Romans - James Davies

This Moose Belongs to Me - Oliver Jeffers

The Pebble in my Pocket: A History of Our Earth - Meredith Hooper

The Nothing to see Here Hotel - Steven Butler and Steven Lenton

The 13 Story Treehouse - Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

Mr Gum - Andy Stanton

The Boy Who Grew - Andy Shepherd

The Sheep Pig - Dick King-Smith

Who Are You Calling Weird?: A Celebration of Weird and Wonderful Animals - Marilyn Singer

Three Cheers for Women - Marcia Williams

The Watcher - Jeanette Winter

Arthur and the Golden Rope - Joe Todd Stanton

My Name is Not Refugee - Kate Milner

The Tin Forest - Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson

Journey to the Centre of My Brain - Macmillan Poetry

The Story Tree - Hugh Lupton

Hello World - Jonathan Litton

A World of Cities - James Brown and Lily Murray

A Street Through Time - Steve Noon