At Bewick Bridge Community Primary School we believe that the use of technology in schools brings great benefits. To live, learn and work successfully in an increasingly complex and information-rich society, our children must be able to use technology effectively.

The use of these exciting and innovative technology tools in school and at home has been shown to support learning and promote pupil achievement. Yet at the same time, we recognise that the use of these new technologies can put young people at risk within and outside the school. We measures in places for limiting risk for pupils who access the internet at school but, more importantly, we teach online safety throughout all year groups to equip pupils with the skills to be responsible and knowledgeable online citizens. Please see our online safety policy, below.

At Bewick Bridge, we treat online safety very seriously. Please ask any member of staff if you have any concerns or queries in this area, and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. These websites also provide valuable advice and resources for parents.