A vision for science teaching and learning

At Bewick Bridge, all children will have the opportunity to learn about the world around them so as to become scientifically literate citizens. All children will have the opportunity to observe, question, investigate and interpret the world around them using a variety of approaches and experiences. Through their learning, children will be able to build their knowledge, skills and understanding, equipping them with the diverse cultural capital required to be successful citizens in the modern world.

Five principles for science teaching and learning

Science learning, like a plant, grows over time.

Science learning is awe-inspiring, like seeing the first sprouts from a seed.

Science learning also requires focus, beyond the initial excitement, like nurturing a plant.

Science learning does not exist in isolation. It is linked to the world around us and our other areas of learning.

Science learning is dependent on being rooted in broad and deep knowledge and understanding.


Science curriculum 2021_22.pdf
Science recovery Curriculum 2021-2022
Skills progression in science.pdf

Knowledge progression in science.pdf
Vocabulary Progression in Science.pdf


The impact of the Science provision will be monitored and evaluated throughout the year through the use of lesson observations, pupil voice, parents' surveys and staff surveys. By the end of the year, a statement of impact will be produced to inform future planning.