Bewick Bridge pupils will become physically literate which will mean they will have the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and skills to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activity for life.

Each class will receive 2 hours of P.E. a week to ensure children:

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities;

  • are physically active for sustained periods of time;

  • engage in competitive sports and activities and

  • lead healthy, active lives.

In KS2, pupils will receive up to approximately 20 hours of swimming instruction across the key stage.


At Bewick Bridge, in order to meet the intentions of our curriculum, it is vitally important that children are exposed to a broad and balanced physical education curriculum. In order to achieve that, we have the curriculum below and teach physical education for two hours a week. One hour a week is dedicated to the teaching of a sports unit and the second hour of PE allocated to the teaching of a physical activity. Our school uses the Rising Stars - Champions scheme of work as the basis for our PE curriculum planning. Individual teachers adapt these lessons in order to suit their classes’ abilities and circumstances.

The main purpose of every sports unit in our PE curriculum is to progressively provide children with the fundamental physical, cognitive and social skills needed to take part in a particular sport.

The purpose of the physical activity units in our PE curriculum will be to provide children with the opportunity to take part in a range of further activities which promote lifelong participation.

All children have experiences of physical education in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Copy of PE curriculum 2021/22
PE recovery curriculum 2021-2022
Copy of Gymnastics Progression
Copy of Throwing and catching & Nimble nets Progression
Copy of Dance Progression
Copy of Brilliant Ball Skills & Striking and fielding progression
Copy of Multiskills & Invaders Progression
Copy of Athletics Progression


The impact of the PE provision will be monitored and evaluated throughout the year through the use of lesson observations, pupil voice, parents' surveys and staff surveys. By the end of the year, a statement of impact will be produced to inform future planning.

Virtual friendship run

Cup stacking house competititon

Skipping workshop