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This week, during our home learning we designed and created our own puppets. We focused on different joining techniques.

Hubert's King and Queen with a fantastic backdrop!

Hannah's excellent puppet.

Ralph's wonderful puppet, named Oscar.

Atharv's creative puppet!

Takeshi's fantastic seaside poem!

Petar's puppet with moving arms!

Ananya's excellent seaside poem!

Millie H's creative sock puppet!

Camille's great cat puppet, with arms that can move!

Now Year 2 pupils have been invited to return to school, Google Classroom will be use a lot less. However, for those still at home, this service can be used to share work created and communicate with the rest of the class. Daily web links will be posted, and occasional updates on class learning. Also, home learning for all pupils will also be posted on the classroom weekly (before the weekend) so please keep checking. In addition, please see the suggestions below for extra learning opportunities. Please contact your teacher on the following addresses if you have any questions.

It's Battle Time...

Sparrows class have won the second TT rockstars competition, so it is currently a draw between the two classes. Who's going to win this one?...


We are now coming to the end of our Seasides unit of work, so will be reviewing our learning and creating our own seaside scenes in class this week!


We have collated a range of spellings including a range of common exceptions words, spelling patterns and spelling rules. Take a look at it here and with your child choose a few for their focus spellings each week. Here are some good ideas and games that you can play with your child to help them remember them.

Other websites and games to support

Word worm

BBC Bitesize

Oxford owl spelling support

Explaining Coronavirus to your child

Have a look at this e-book with your child, which is an explanation about Coronavirus and may answer some of the questions that they have.


Our last few weeks in school this term will see a recap of the most essential Year 2 objectives, particularly around place value and calculation in different context to help pupils prepare for life in Year 3!

Practise counting and discussing maths at home. See below for all of the Year 2 KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts) to review. All pupils in Year 2 have now also been given logins for Times Table Rockstars. Please support your child to login on any device and get earning coins - can you earn 1000 coins in a week? For more ideas, check the maths page.


Literacy shed has a range of story starters that will spark your child’s imagination.

National Geographic kids is a great place to start to inspire children to write about something they are interested in or to find more information about.

Ideas and advise to support your child with their writing at home.


You can find handwriting examples below this page.

Additionally there are also some great examples of handwriting activities here


Ensure your child reads at least once a day for 15 minutes or more.

Many Year 2 pupils are now fluent readers, but it is still essential that you not only hear them read but also model fluency and expression through reading more challenging texts to your child. See the link below for some suggestions, taking into account the reading age and the interest age.

Books to read to your child

Additionally, you can find confident readers reading aloud at the world book day storytime online, so your child can hear a range of readers.

It is important to talk about and ask questions about the books that they have read. You can find a range of questions here.

Discuss interesting or new vocabulary and encourage your child to use it in their writing or speech.

Encourage your child to discuss the books that they have read recently. Your child could write a book review on a book that they have read to share with their class. Templates can be found here

Other websites to support reading at home

Oxford owl

Reading eggs (free 30 day trial)

Copy of Year 2 suggested reading list
Y2Sum2 KIRFs


Some parents have been asking about handwriting. To support this, we have uploaded example handwriting sheets below to show how we teach individual letter formation. If you are able to print off a copy to practise at home, that would be great, or if you'd like us to supply you with some, let us know. Please remember to focus on the similarities between the letters on each page as they are grouped by 'family'.

Handwriting scheme (1).pdf