Welcome to Lapwings


Our new topic this term is Space.

We will be learning about the planets, sun and moon along with black holes and important people who have contributed to our understanding of space. A main part of the unit is to identify scientific evidence that has been used to support or refute ideas or arguments.

We had a very successful trip to the Institute of Astronomy last week where Mr Matt Boswell gave a lively talk to the children about space before showing them the university observatory. I have added some photographs from the trip below.

I would like to say a special thank you to our two parents that joined us on the trip.

In Class Learning


In maths lessons, we are continuing with our work on statistics. I have attached the yearly overview of the maths units we are following this year so you can see which units will be coming up during the term.


Our new unit in English starting this week is Letter Writing. The children will revise the basic format for writing letters before writing their own letters of complaint.

Home Learning


As we are now well into to our term-topic Space, the children have some basic ground work to develop their personal learning topic. Their topic can be on any area of space. The following are some suggestions the children may chose to research:

  • life and work of different astronauts,
  • different types of space vehicles,
  • focus on a particular planet or feature in space.
  • life on the International Space Station
  • food the astronauts eat

They may chose how to present their work by either making a model or writing an illustrated report. Their projects need to be completed by Monday the 14th of October so the work can be displayed for parents to visit later in the week.


Reading every day is the most important part of learning at home - books will be sent home this week and should be brought to school each day. Please check that your children are recording their reading in the back of their Home Learning Books. They should also be completing their weekly reading tasks.


Practise tables, number bonds and discussing maths at home. Your children all have a pass word and user name for TT Rock Stars and should be practising regularly at home.

Computing Skills

Touch typing is a very useful and important skill these days. BBC Dance Mat typing is a great site to practise touch typing. skills.

News and Reminders


We are all looking forward to our half-term holiday. Remember that Friday 18th of October will be a teacher training day so no school for the children on Friday.

PE kits

PE will usually take place on a Wednesday and a Friday for year 5 with swimming taking place on Wednesday. However, this can change so please have PE kits in every day!

Water bottles

Please ensure your child has a water bottle every day. We have drinking water in class for refilling.


Year 5 Home Learning Projects.

This week Lapwings presented their Home Learning Projects. There was a wide range of work presented from 3D models, posters, songs, a rocket launch and powerpoint presentations. Clearly a lot of effort had gone into all of the work. I would like to say a big thank you to all the family members who helped with the projects.

As we were unable to find a suitable time for show the children's work to families, I have added some photographs of the presentation below for you to see.

Space Textiles

In Art lessons we have been getting inspiration for our textiles work from Karen Rose's work which is influenced by images from space.

Lapwing's trip to the Institute of Astronomy

The children listened to a talk and asked many great questions

Ataliya was asked to help with a demonstration

We had a break in the grounds.

Enjoying our snacks

Children explored the grounds

We visited the observatory

Inside we made some sketches

The telescope