Working from home

As the attendance of Year 6 pupils has improved significantly and with the increase in duration of the school day, work and feedback will no longer be provided on Google Classroom. If your child or a child you care for will be not be joining us back in school, it is vital they have access to a daily education provision. We recommend the links below to support you with home learning.

Welcome to Year 6. Check out the sections below to keep up with our learning.

Current Topic

In Year 6, our current topic is Code breakers (World War Two) . We will be looking at the key events leading up to the war including the Treaty of Versailles and the key events of the war including the invasion of Poland, the fall of France and the Russian invasion. After the children have developed an understanding of the war, we will start to study the impact on the local area and what life was like in Cambridge.

In-class Learning


In Maths, we are revisiting our learning on angles including angles on a straight line, angles around a point, angles in triangles and angles in quadrilaterals.


In English, we will be starting our new unit on flashback story writing. We will be using the stimulus 'The Piano' to eventually create our own flashback stories.

Home Learning


Please ensure your child reads every day. Children should have a balanced reading diet incorporating a range of different text types.


Every day, your child will need to complete arithmetic questions and 10 minutes on Times Table Rockstars.

News and reminders


Your child is required to bring their spelling book and reading books to school every day.

PE kits

Please ensure your child brings their PE kit into school on a Monday and it is taken home again after school on a Friday.

Water bottles

Children will need to bring their water bottles every day.

Year 6 reading list